Online investing used to overwhelm me. Now it’s easier than ever.

For a long time, my investments were all over the place. I mean that in more ways than one. 

First off, my investments were all over the place in the sense that I had no idea what I was doing. I was trend-chasing, months behind on the latest tech fad and trying to access sectors I knew literally nothing about (why oh why did I try to invest in pharmaceuticals?) Truly, I had my finger in every pie conceivable. 

And when it paid off, I was only encouraged. That might sound like a good thing, but really it was only reinforcing bad habits. I was able to finally overcome this bad habit by doing what I should have done all along: getting an outside opinion. 

Specifically, the opinion of an expert and the advanced opinion of an algorithm I’ll never understand. I was able to get my portfolio refined once I discovered something special: Chaikin Analytics

Chaikin Analytics combines the mind of a world-class trading expert with a set of data that’s both a game-changer and easy enough to understand. The other analytic services I tried were all impenetrably difficult for someone who doesn’t know how to handle big data. 

But Chaikin Analytics led me to getting my other all-over-the-placeness in order. 

For far too long, the set up of my trading accounts was a complete mess. Spread across multiple banks, using a robo-advisor here, with a portfolio focused on retirement there, and a short-term, money-in-the-bank portfolio in another location. It was exhausting trying to keep track of everything. 

What Chaikin Analytics led me to was the Score Priority Store—an entire suite of trading options. I’d used Try2BFunded before and recommended it to friends and readers alike, but with the release of Chaikin Analytics, Score Priority had turned a set of good services into an amazing ecosystem. 

The value of having everything in the same place is pretty straightforward: fewer passwords to remember, fewer accounts to manage, fewer things to keep an eye on. All the information I want and need about my investing life is collected and easily displayed in front of me. 

As a person who isn’t inherently the most organized, this is invaluable. There were times where I would find myself locked out of one bank because I used the wrong password, or, when I was really tired and unfocused, confused why one portfolio was suddenly focused on tech. 

Anything that is able to reduce human error is a good thing—a thing that will not only make your life simpler, but set you up to succeed. 

Something that reduces human error, puts you ahead of the game, and turns your all-over-the-place into all-in-one-place? Well, that’s something worth investing in. 

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