Best Investing Apps With Free Trials

“The best things in life are free” is an adage that is true for so many things unrelated to investing.  Of course, the aphorism is meant to be applied to the sublime things in life and the immaterial. 

But when it comes to investing, many of the lesser things are free.  Take, for example, investing apps.  Many of the freebies out there are built to be subpar because the companies behind them want you to shell out money.  

And spending a responsible amount of money on an app that will help your investing is completely reasonable. But the process of choosing the right investing tool is complicated—truly, the internet is a wealth of options. 

That’s why I’d like to alter the phrase to: The best things in life are free trials.  

And so I’ve gone ahead and rounded up the best investing apps with free trials.  Now you can get your toes wet without diving in head first.  Shop around, save some money, then put it where it’ll be best spent.  

  1. Chaikin Analytics 

Chaikin Analytics is your one stop shop for investing news, advice and analytics.  From newsletter to webinars to daily quick-bites, the expert writers at Chaikin Analytics know the best ways to keep you informed, day in, day out. 

But what makes Chaikin Analytics so much more than a news source is its PowerGauge.  Using algorithms far beyond my understanding, Chaikin Analytics is able to show, with ease, which way hundreds and hundreds of stocks are trending with one simple click.  

Monthly cost: $24.99

Free trial: 14 Days 

2) Jigsaw Trading 

If you’re looking for unmatched analytic power, look no further than Jigsaw Trading.  This truly is the missing piece for any level of trader—beginner, intermediate or expert.  

A mega meld of portfolio analytics, stock gauges, trade simulators, depth and sales analyses, a day trading platform and so much more, Jigsaw Trading is one-of-a-kind.  With this impressive roster, however, comes a higher price tag than other analytic sites.  I found my free trial of Jigsaw Trading to be particularly valuable as it shone a light on what I did and did not need. 

Monthly fee: $579 for the starter pack

Free trial: 14 days 

3) Investfly

Investfly is built to let you build.  Their easy interface lets you create automated trading commands so your money is working for you even when you’re away from the computer.

This is the ideal platform for part-time traders or full-time traders who are too busy to put in endless hours.  

Their essential algorithm system is bolstered by an advanced alert system, which keeps you in the know as news is breaking.  

Monthly fee: $49.99

Free trial: 30 days 

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