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3 Vital Tips For New Investors

Starting out with investing can be endlessly intimidating.  The US education system offers little in the ways of teaching us about money and there are certain stigmas both in work culture and personal life that encourage us to talk about anything—even politics—before money.   However, fear and unknowing are no excuse to avoid investing.  As […]

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3 Things I’ll Teach My Kids About Investing

As I’ve written before, growing up I didn’t have much of a financial education.   In my youth, it didn’t seem to matter—I had my life ahead of me, and plenty of opportunities to make money.  Plus, I was focused on the now, not the later.   But, as I got older, I realized that I’d […]

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How i got my husband excited about investing

My husband and I have been together for over a decade.  Our whole relationship, I’ve been the one that handles the finances.  He’s the one that brings home the bacon—I’m the one that cooks it.   But, when it comes to investing, two heads can be so much better than one.  For a while, I tried […]

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The 3 Best Ways To Track Which Way Stocks Are Headed

If we all had a stock market crystal ball, we’d be millionaires.  Unfortunately, the reality we all live in is one of unknowing.  No matter how much research you do, no matter how closely you follow your prized stocks, there is an element of surprise each and every day on the markets.  Even stocks that […]

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Best Investing Apps With Free Trials

“The best things in life are free” is an adage that is true for so many things unrelated to investing.  Of course, the aphorism is meant to be applied to the sublime things in life and the immaterial.  But when it comes to investing, many of the lesser things are free.  Take, for example, investing […]

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The economy is all over the place. here’s how to stay steady.

For all of the analyses on how wild of a year 2020 has been, it really can’t be overstated how much change we’ve all gone through in just 10 months. For me, January and February feel like some mirror world—a distant, distorted past.  But, as they say, the show, and the economy, must go on. […]

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Online investing used to overwhelm me. Now it’s easier than ever.

For a long time, my investments were all over the place. I mean that in more ways than one.  First off, my investments were all over the place in the sense that I had no idea what I was doing. I was trend-chasing, months behind on the latest tech fad and trying to access sectors […]

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3 Investing Websites I Could Never Live Without

Try2BFunded  If you want to potentially earn money as you learn about the world of investing, look no further than Try2BFunded.  A prop trader that makes you earn your keep, Try2BFunded is a unique opportunity to make money by using other people’s capital.  Here’s how it works: over the course of 6 weeks, you’ll use […]

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I Hated Dealing With Money. Until I Tried This.

For years, you couldn’t get me to talk about money.  Not only did I find it tactless and uncouth, I didn’t want to reveal to everyone that I was ignorant.  When the subject of the stock market or the economy came up, I’d find a way to excuse myself from the conversation.   I’ll admit, the […]

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