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I Started Investing Online Every Day. Here’s What Happened Next.

It took a serious lifestyle change.  A sense of drive, focus, and purpose.  But the rewards were many—not only was I financially rewarded, I reformed the type of person who I was.  

Before I started investing online every day, I admit that I was lazy.  My purpose in life was living week to week, going out with friends as much as possible, having fun as much as my limited funds would allow me to.  

But after a few years—OK, it was more like a decade—of living for the short term, I realized I needed more.  

But how?  I was working a dead end retail job and stitching everything together, paycheck to paycheck, week to week.  

I decided that the first thing I needed to build wasn’t an investment strategy, but a work ethic.  The first thing I did was build a calendar.  Monday to Friday, i decided I would start studying about finances and eventually trading for an hour before work.  Saturdays and Sundays, three hours per morning. 

I kept this schedule for 30 days.  That was the promise I made to myself.  30 straight days, no days off.  

That led me all across the internet, making mistakes, and sometimes learning from them.  

In my third week, I found Try2BFunded.  After three weeks of wasting time, I was pretty frustrated with my progress.  That’s why finding Try2BFunded was such a relief.  

Here’s how it worked: I signed up and was given the chance to pass Try2BFunded's qualifying round.  The qualifying round involved me making a portfolio, choosing stocks I believed in, and trying to make it grow.  

Admittedly, I was put off by this at first, but only because I was tired of learning and wanted to start earning.  But this qualifying round was integral into shaping me into the kind of trader I wanted to be.  Not only did it help reinforce what I was talking about at the top of this post—discipline, focus, purpose—it helped me learn all about the trouble with risk.  

With Try2BFunded, if you lose too much, you lose your status.  It took me an additional 6 weeks to get the kind of continuity and confidence that let me move past the qualifying round.  

But after 6 weeks, I started to really reap the benefits of Try2BFunded.  Once I’d made it past the qualifying round, I was given access to $100,000 of Try2BFunded's money to trade with.  I was skeptical that this would actually work out as I wanted, but there it was: $100,000 for me to apply my knowledge to. 

From the $100,000 I was given to invest with, I was able to keep 60% of the profits.  

Through Try2BFunded, I discovered Chaikin Analytics, a one-of-a-kind information and analytics website.  With Chaikin Analytics's streamlined info, from webinars to articles to their unique PowerGauge, which tells me instantly if a stock is trending up or down, I was able to maximize my profits.  

So here’s what happened next: I started giving more and more of my calendar to my trading.  And, as I gave more of my calendar to trading, my bank account kept growing.  As I continue, I hope to be able to become a full time trader.  

After that, who knows?  The sky is the limit.  


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