3 Investing Websites I Could Never Live Without

  1. Try2BFunded 

If you want to potentially earn money as you learn about the world of investing, look no further than Try2BFunded.  A prop trader that makes you earn your keep, Try2BFunded is a unique opportunity to make money by using other people’s capital. 

Here’s how it works: over the course of 6 weeks, you’ll use Try2BFunded‘s amazing interface to build a mock stock portfolio.  If this is your first time messing around with stocks—I was a newbie when I began, too— Try2BFunded lets you make multiple accounts to try different strategies. 

After you’ve learned your way towards sustainable success—and the right amount of risk— Try2BFunded allows you to access up to $100,000 to trade with.  That’s right—$100k for you to build a financial future out of. 

The catch, if you can call it that, is that you have to split the profits.  However, compared to other prop traders, Try2BFunded is more than generous.  With a 60-40 split going your way, Try2BFunded is not something to miss out on. 

2)  Personal Capital 

Want comprehensive financial advice without paying a comprehensive premium?  Look no further than Personal Capital.  

What I love about this site is how it integrates and synthesizes your various accounts—from your savings to your 401k and beyond—in a simple and digestible way.  Using your data, it compiles your financial portfolio into graphs and charts that even the most math-averse people can understand with ease.  

This can be a kind of one stop shop for people who want or need to have their finances laid out for them.  It’s saved me from spending countless hours on Excel.  That alone makes it something I’d pay for, but it’s actually completely free. 

3) Morningstar 

Are you a tortoise or are you a hare? 

This is a key question for many investors that reflects the type of risk they want to take on.  And, if you’re willing to shell out some dough to get detailed analyses of where to put your money, I Morningstar can help answer that question, and many others, for you.   Not only do they really do their research, they have a wide range of investment opportunity for all types of risk.  Mitigating risk, and knowing when to take the leap, is an incredibly vital part of investing.  Learn how to hone it sooner rather than later. Across the endless expanse that is the internet, there are a thousand and one ways to invest.  But with plentitude comes problems—it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed by how many options there are, and how many opportunities there appear to be.  

When it comes to your investments, your finances, your money, the last thing you want to do is mess around.  Especially for those of us that don’t want to rely on big banks to do all the work for us.  

That’s why I spent hours looking for the best websites related to investing I could, then compiled them here for you.  

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